Lindsay Lohan's Heading to Jail—for 30 Days!

Actress admits her probation violation, must begin serving 30-day sentence in L.A. County Jail within one week's time

By Gina Serpe, Claudia Rosenbaum Nov 02, 2011 6:15 PMTags

It finally happened: Lindsay Lohan's luck ran out, and she's heading back to jail.

The actress just admitted in court that she violated her probation, and agreed to begin serving out a 30-day sentence at a Los Angeles jail. She's been ordered to turn herself in to begin the sentence within one week, by Nov. 9, and will not be eligible for house arrest, electronic monitoring or any early release other than that required by the law.

But will she really be serving a full month behind bars?

Probably not.

Despite the judge's order, a sheriff's department spokesman tells E! News that Lindsay will likely serve just 20 percent of her jail time, or six days, in jail.

All told, Lohan had 300 days to make good on, but the remainder of her 270 days will be stayed pending the completion of a strictly scheduled list of requirements laid out by the fed-up judge.

"The sentence I'm going to impose is known in our circles as putting the keys to the jail in the defendants' hands," said Judge Stephanie Sautner.

Following the completion of her jail time, Lindsay must report to her new probation officer within one business day.

"Good luck with Ms. Mansfield," Sautner warned. "She's no-nonsense."

Mario Anzuoni-Pool/Getty Images

Lohan must return to court Dec. 14. By that time she must have served 12 community service days at the morgue, and undergo four psychotherapy sessions of 45 minutes.

Incidentally, Sautner noted in court that the Downtown Women's Shelter would not take Lindsay back, and another organization, the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women, "refused to take" the starlet, saying Lohan was "a bad example for women trying to get their lives in order."

"I'm going to convert all your community service to the morgue."

Not that it's all peachy over there, either.

The judge told Lindsay that her supervisor at the morgue "seems to have an issue with your tweeting. I can't order you to stop tweeting...I've asked them to stop holding press conferences about you, too."

After Dec. 14, Lindsay's next check-in will be Jan. 17, by which time she'll need to perform 12 more days of morgue duty and submit to four more psychotherapy sessions. If she does, her sentence will be stayed again until March 29, provided she logs 17 days at the morgue and six therapy sessions.

"Then you will have completed everything the court ordered. If you do that, then this jail time will be permanently stayed. The probation will terminate, and we won't have to see each other again, unless you do something that violates the law."

Additionally, Lohan is not to leave the country and can't leave the state without her probation officer's permission.

"From what I can see, you need a structure, and this is a structure," Sautner said.

Meanwhile, Sautner also clarified that Lindsay was also welcome to complete the requirements before the dates set forth.

"I would be the happiest judge in town if she finished early," she said.

Outside of court, Holley clarified the sentence to E! News, saying, "We will be here on each of those dates to show proof of the judge's conditions, if not more."

The Deputy City Attorney, Melanie Chavira, also spoke to E! News, and said she is pleased with the judge's sentence.

"I am hoping this will get her on track. I think the judge did the right thing."

(Originally published Nov. 2, 2011, at 10:29 a.m. PT)