Forget all that Halloween-themed nonsense on last night's Dancing with the Stars. Tonight's elimination show served up the real boooooooo's!

(Not that we're bitter or anything. Ahem.)

So now that David Arquette totally made fun of Maks for his little outburst last week, is Maks steaming mad at David? Why was Nancy Grace feeling "morose?" And has Rob Kardashian talked to his sister Kim today, amidst all the divorce craziness? We chatted with the stars backstage to get the scoop...

In case ya missed it (and yes, we did fully recap it, too), the voters shockingly sent home David Arquette tonight, leaving Nancy Grace to dance another day. Nancy told us she's been "very emotional" all day and had to "put on her fake face," because she (like the rest of America) assumed she'd be going home. "I did not want to go on television and cry," she told us, adding that she's feeling "morose" tonight because she and David had become close friends. "Our trailers were right across from each ther and I will miss him."

David, on the other hand, said he felt nothing but "joyful." "I accomplished everything I wanted to coming on this competiton," the Scream star explained, "so there's no down side for me. I learned to dance, I learned a lot about myself. There's nothing really to be sad about."

As for David making fun of Maks by quipping tonight, "This is my show," he insisted it was all in good fun. "I was just ribbing Maks. I know what it's like to say something silly and so you have to have fun with it. It was all really loose and fun for me."

And Maks seemed to let it roll right off him (though kept his thoughts on the matter brief), saying: "I'm flattered, it's funny, he's a cool guy."

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian made it sound like sister Kim took the time today to congratulate her brother on his solid DWTS performance last night, despite dealing with the explosive media coverage surrounding her divorce. "My family was super happy super proud," Rob tells us. "I've been improving every week and they're just really proud that I'm still here." When asked if he talked to Kim today, Rob tells us: "Yes, but I don't want to speak about that personal stuff."

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