Another Feud?! Donald Trump Accuses Jon Stewart of "Racist Rant"

Business mogul is greatly displeased with Daily Show's latest Herman Cain shout-out, calling it "unbelievable"

By Bruna Nessif Nov 02, 2011 12:30 AMTags
Donald Trump, Jon StewartRon Galella/; Comedy Central

Let's face it, Donald Trump feuding with someone is hardly shocking.

But that doesn't stop the Republican blowhard supporter from pointing the finger at somebody when duty calls. So who's the entrepreneur yellin' at now?

Jon Stewart is facing the real estate mogul's wrath after making what Trump calls a "racist rant" about Herman Cain on The Daily Show.

The comedian commented on the Republican presidential candidate's confusing reply to reports that he faced sexual harassment charges during the 1990s, joking that it was like responding to the question, "Have you ever kidnapped a baby?" with the response, "No. Well, other than the Lindbergh baby."

Apparently, not very funny to the Trump man.

The Celebrity Apprentice boss also wasn't very enthused by Stewart's imitation of Cain, saying, "It's not what he said, but the way he said. The tone of his voice, the inflection. Unbelievable," and called out other officials saying they're letting Stewart "get away" with it.

"Other people get taken off the air, and when he [Stewart] says it, people smile and sort of say, 'Wow, I can't believe he gets away with that,'" Trump explained. "When somebody else says something, even a little bit non-politically correct, they go after 'em. But when Jon Stewart does a horrible, horrible thing to the African-American community, they leave him alone."

We might be a little lost as to what was so "horrible." Maybe Trump should remember some of the other things people have said that were far worse.

Is Trump overreacting or was Jon Stewart indeed "horrible"? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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