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Dear Joan:
Love your show, always makes me laugh. I wanted to know if I could get the Jennifer Lopez outfit and wig that Kelly Osbourne wore for the Halloween episode. I love, love, love it! Take care.

Dear Betty Boop:
Didn't she look great? The costume was vintage. As for the wig, it's actually custom-made. Her hairstylist took a store-bought wig and added a lot of extensions to it. But I'm sure there are plenty of boutiques out there with obnoxiously sequined minis just waiting for Jenny From the Block to pass by and scoop them up.

Dear Joan:
I love you. You are the funniest women alive. What do you tell these people when you meet them?

Dear Curious:
Thanks for the love. I meet celebrities all the time and most of them understand that I'm a comedian. The ones who don't take themselves too seriously absolutely love when we poke fun at them.

Dear Joan:
I've never worn anything like the beautiful (and not so) dresses you show on Fashion Police, but enjoy looking at them and the show. My question is could you explain what terms like privé and atelier mean when you're discussing some designer labels. Thank you.

Dear Couture Kitty:
You've got expensive taste. Both are French words that mean high prices. Privé (which actually means private) is something Armani added to his name to distinguish his ready-to-wear line from his high-end, custom couture line. Atelier is French for workshop. In general, atelier clothing is usually hand sewn with a lot of attention to fine detail. Essentially it's the difference between a whole lot of zeros.   

Dear Joan:
I'm a rocker and I love black and dark colors in general. My skin looks good with those colors. I'm white, thin and my hair is brown copper. I am a chef and political scientist. I have my own restaurant. I'm a mother, but I do not want to leave my rocker style. I have to keep an image of business and professional woman, young mother and rocker. Be kind to me and tell me I can do. I love your program and your attitude. Thanks for the advice. A hug.

Dear Rocker Mom:
Juggling so many roles isn't easy, but it sounds like you've got it under control. A career, a kid and a restaurant? Good for you. Are you sure you even need to change your style? It seems like the rocker look is has been working for you so far. Of course, you can always step it up by investing in better quality clothes—a well-cut leather jacket instead of something that's falling apart at the seams—and updating your hairstyle and makeup to be modern-day edgy and not 80s leftovers. But in this case, I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Dear Joan:
Just love you. Been watching you forever. I am going to be 64 in November. I want to know if you sell some of that drop-dead jewelry I see you wearing on the Fashion Police. If so, when and where? I have seen you wearing Fred Leighton, Harry Winston, etc., but some of those necklaces I've seen you in…OMG!!!!!! Please let me know. Thanks for time and consideration.
—Frieda Margolies

Dear Frieda-Lay:
Thank you for asking and happy birthday! I design a lot of the pieces I wear on the show. At this stage, most of the jewelry you see is from my archive collection, but you can always check out my newest styles on QVC.  

Dear Joan:
I'm a huge fan from your career and your TV show and I'm very interested to visit the Fashion Police set. I always hear lots of laughs in all episodes. Do you have an audience in the show? Please let me know. It would be a pleasure for me because I follow your show every week. Thanks!! P.S.: I love your sense of humor. You're the best!!

Dear Fashion Fan:
We do have a live audience here at the E! headquarters in L.A. and love the feedback. Email the office at and you'll be added to the weekly invite list, which will include all the information you need for attending tapings.

Dear Joan:
So, what is the name of the fans?

Dear F.P. Fanatic:
Thanks for checking. We let everyone vote in an online poll and the fan favorite was the Joan Rangers. Saddle up!

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