Kristen Stewart

Almasi / Splash News

We must admit, we've been a little tough on Kristen Stewart lately. 

Girl really let us down when she was absent from the latest Breaking Dawn press, and we couldn't figure out why Kristen couldn't take some friggin' time off from Snow White and the Huntsman.

But after the latest photos of K.Stew visiting her beau, we're a bit worried all the pressure may have gotten to Kris. And according to a Summit insider, we're not the only ones...

"You think people could just let her breathe a little? She just happens to have a lot on her plate right now, and I don't just mean her boyfriend," quipped a Summit source in defense of Miss Bella Swan.

And really, who can blame the girl for looking a little less-than-perfect?

She's got a killer career to keep up with—juggling both Breaking Dawn press and filming for Snow White and the Huntsman. And we know it hasn't been easy for K.Stew on the set, donning heavy armor and dealing with injuries.

Not to mention, she has to make time for her relaysh with Robert Pattinson, and it can't be easy when practically every gal would jump at the opportunity to date the dude. 

Plus, this is Kristen Stewart we're talking about. The girl gives her work her all and is determined to have a successful post-Twilight flick. The result? She definitely won't be giving herself a much needed break anytime soon, and no doubt, when times get tough, K.Stew is the type to suck it up and deal. 

But seriously, Kris, we worried about you. Balancing a mega-franchise, a new film and a high profile relaysh has to take its toll. 

We say get a little rest and spend some extra quality time with R.Pattz—we simply cannot have you missing anymore B.D. promos or we might bring out our fangs.

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