Justin Bieber Sets YouTube Record, Hits 2 Billion Views

Baby crooner becomes the first person to achieve the feat, with millions of views in the past month alone

By Brandi Fowler Nov 01, 2011 1:30 AMTags
Justin BieberBen Rose/WireImage.com

His world, indeed.

Justin Bieber just set a major record, becoming the first person to reach 2 billion views on his YouTube channel, with 94 million views in the past month alone (!), according to Gossip Cop.

Talk about Bieber fever. 

The "Baby" singer (and Selena Gomez's sweetie) surpassed Lady Gaga's record, who was the first artist to hit the 1 billion views mark in October 2010.

The Biebs couldn't top the outspoken artist when it came to social networking, however.

Gaga is still holding down the fort on Twitter as the most popular celebrity with over 15 million followers (and counting).