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Happy Halloween, trick-or-treaters! And wow, do we have a pillowcase full o' spoiler goodies for everyone! And we promise, no razor blades whatsoever.

On Gossip Girl, someone is getting snapped into handcuffs, and not in the kinky way. Barney will be questioning his commitment to Nora on How I Met Your Mother, and both Parks and Recreation and True Blood are giving us flashbacks to the childhoods of their leading ladies! All that, plus the best Glee question we've ever gotten, in this week's Spoiler Chat…

Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl


Jackie: Got any Gossip Girl goodies for us?
As you can see in the photo, Blair (Leighton Meester) gets into a bit of trouble at her bachelorette party after seemingly joking around with a cop. Yeah, not one of her best ideas. We're hearing both Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Dan (Penn Badgley) are on the scene to try and help Queen B, but she's still arrested anyway. We smell major drama! And it smells freaking delicious.

Natalie: What's coming up for Charlie/Ivy on Gossip Girl?!
Secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone. Yes, Ivy's (Kaylee Defer) secret is coming out! You really didn't think she could hide who she really is forever, did you? Fortunately, she and Carol (Sheila Kelley) find a way to avoid disaster and cement Ivy's place on the UES.

Betty: Happy Halloween! As a treat, can we have HIMYM scoop?
Sure thing! We finally get to meet the Barney's brother James' (Wayne Brady) husband in the Thanksgiving episode. And it's possible we'll see much more of him after Turkey Day.

Amanda in San Diego, Calif.: I am so over Nora and Barney on HIMYM. Are they gonna break up soon?
Speculate with this: Someone from Barney's past shows up in present day to basically scare Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) out of ever settling down and having kids. That might be enough to send Barney running from his committed relationship with Nora. But would that make him run directly into another relationship with Robin?

Gale in Montana: Is it true that Amy and Sheldon are heading for trouble on Big Bang Theory?
Seems to be the case. In an upcoming episode, Sheldon has to grill an inept comic book store employee on the whereabouts of his lady. Turns out, when you're digging for info you don't really want to find, the result is always heartbreaking.

Nancy in Seattle: Is Glee canceled? It isn't on anymore. There was a big, splashy season opener, one follow-up episode, then... nothing. What's the deal?
Yes, Glee has been canceled. Fox wants to turn it into a cartoon series starring Lea Michele as a singing pony. Or we're kidding about all of this, because clearly Glee has just been on hiatus for the past few weeks. It returns tomorrow, and you can sneak a peek at a new musical number right here. P.S.: How do you decorate that rock you live under?

CubraLibra: Please tell me that a Puck-Shelby romance is a trick and not treat on Glee? That would just be too creepy.
Sorry, we hear this is definitely more treat (for Puck) then trick. Remember, Puck (Mark Salling) has a thing for older ladies due to his pool-cleaning duties. Did you forget about that aspect of his personality? Don't worry, an upcoming episode will remind you.

mstaradosh: How racy is episode 5? Which couple is to blame for the TV-14 rating? ;) #glee
We can't tell you much about the raciness factor, but we can confirm the safety factor! Because when you have sex you can pregnant and die. Yes, our first-timers will be using protection. High five for condoms, y'all!

Lauren: Whatcha got on Parks and Rec?
The man Leslie (Amy Poehler) is campaigning against is named Billy Newport, and he has only one campaign strategy: He's very handsome. So handsome, in fact, that even Leslie's own friends are charmed by him! Also, we get to flashback and check out Leslie as a 12-year-old. Who else thinks she was campaigning for healthier foods in the cafeteria back then?

Dexter, Michael C. Hall


@duttweid: I'm DYING for Dexter spoilers! What is up with the professor? People are guessing he's really a ghost...I don't buy that.
We don't buy it either—that would require a lot of Sixth Sense-style revisions of his scenes with Travis (Colin Hanks). But if you're dying (sorry) to see a ghost on Dexter, you don't have long to wait: Next week, Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) past comes back to haunt him...literally. And it ain't daddy.

Rr12390: Any scoop on The Good Wife?
Girl power alert: Jennifer Carpenter shot her guest spot on Friday, and Amy Sedaris is now shooting her multi-episode arc too. While promoting her movie Puss in Boots, Amy told us she's a fan of the show and that most of her scenes are with Alan Cumming. (She will play a rival lobbyist to Eli.) "We just hit it off instantly," Amy says of Alan, while adding that her character is "nice at first but then you find out later what I'm actually doing."

Joey in Columbus, Ohio: Happy Endings is killing me this season! I love it. What's coming up?
Would you believe us if we told you the writers might be exploring a possible attraction between Penny and…Dave?! In an upcoming episode, both Penny (Casey Wilson) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) go on dates with the other's therapists, and both therapists believe that P and D's commitment issues stem from unresolved tension between the two friends. Is it for real? Guess we'll find out soon enough.


Ronnie in Anaheim, Calif: Morgan in Chuck's season premiere was really funny, but I feel like Chuck should be the one with the Intersect.
We're totally picking up what you're putting down, but now it's Morgan's (Joshua Gomez) time to shine. In the week's episode, an overly eager Morgan is willing to do whatever it takes to be taken seriously (like costing Carmichael Industries $150,000) Yikes! But while Morgan is busy "zooming," Chuck (Zachary Levi) is beginning to notice some very strange changes in his BFF's personality. For example: Morgan seriously asks who Luke Skywalker is. Could the Intersect be more of a foe than friend this season? Dun-dun-dun!

Ellie in Albuquerque: I'm officially burnt out on Halloween episodes, when do we get to start hearing about the Christmas ones?
Hold your reindeers! We've got you covered. We just visited the set of Modern Family for their holiday episode and witnessed a festively fun scene with the entire cast in one room, including the totally adorbs pup Stella. Sarah Hyland tells us to expect plenty of merriment. "We realize that the whole family is doing their separate things and this is the last day that we're going to be together before actual Christmas starts, so we're trying to do an Express Christmas thing. Meanwhile, we're in bathing suits, so we're going to have to pull it all together." Sounds fantastic!

Jon Bernthal, Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Bob Mahoney/AMC

Jason in Somerville, Mass.: Is Lori pregnant on The Walking Dead? Gotta know if they're gonna follow the comic books on this one.
Get ready to wave your magic pregnancy wand, because the answer to your question—either a blue plus or minus—will be revealed next week.

Mayracansigno: You guys always have the best scoops, so tell me, what's coming up on CSI: Miami?
Flattery will get you absolutely everywhere. Seriously, might as well drop out of school now. Anyway, the folks over at CSI: Miami are looking to cast a child psychologist who helps with the investigation of a brutal murder at a kindergarten beauty show. Sure, the murder is a crime, but so is a beauty pageant for kindergartners, right?

Whorelips: I know it's a little early, but what about some exclusive scoop on #TrueBlood?
Never too early for True Blood scoop. The season-five premiere of True Blood will have a flashback to Sookie's (Anna Paquin) childhood, and we get to see her use her powers in a deliciously evil way to embarrass a couple of playground bullies. What did they do to piss her off? They don't pick her for their kickball team! That is a wound that burns deep forever, kids…so be nice when playing kickball!

Jarrod in Bloomington, Ind.: I heard season five will be the last one for True Blood. Tell me it's not true. I will flip out!
Not according to Stephen Moyer, and he's a pretty important guy on T.B. "There is certainly enough material for us to keep going and going," he tells us. "And as you know, television contracts are six years, so I don't think there is any need for it to be the last season. I don't see any need or reason for it to stop when it is as successful as it is." Feel better?

secret_circle: You know we love your Secret Circle scoop, so feel free to his us with more!
Your wish is our command! While Chris Zylka tells us "Cassie (Britt Robertson) is beautiful enough to just say 'OK, bye witch hunters!", Jake will stay in league with them for the time being due to his complicated relationship with Isaac (J.R. Bourne). "The way I care and that Isaac cares for me…it really is going to be sort of the middle ground of what is going to happen, what choices he is going to make, and it plays off better and better with the witch hunters in every episode."


Scott Green/NBC

Alexis in Cambridge, Ohio: I wasn't sure at first, but you were right! Grimm was soo good on Friday! New fave for sure.
Ooh, so tempted to say "Told you so!" but we'll just give you some scoop instead.  As you know, we were recently on the set of Grimm and talked with Bitsie Tulloch, who gave us some insight to Juliette's vague background: "I am a veterinarian on the show, which hasn't come into play too much, but down the road I know that it is going to come in handy as far as some of the creatures are concerned." Hmmm...maybe Nick's (David Giuntoli) new Blutbad ally Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is going to need some fixin' up this season?

Sarah: Obsessed with Hart of Dixie! Anything good coming up for my favorite couple, Zoe and Wade?
Good? We're not sure. Hilarious? Definitely. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) will soon try to sabotage each other's dating attempts, and they get pretty childish about it. It seems Wade isn't too thrilled to see Zoe take an interest in Judson, a vet.

Monica: Anything on Community? It's been fantastic the past two weeks.
Apparently not fantastic enough for Barbra Streisand! Joel McHale tells us that they've asked Babs to guest star on Community "like 900 times." He's dying for her to play his mom.

Zach: Any Nikita news?
Get ready to say hello to another guardian! If you thought Owen (Devon Sawa) was intense when you first met him, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Let's just say he's not giving up his black box so easily.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga, Connie Britton

Robert Zuckerman/FX

Jenny in Hershey, Pa.: Is Addie really dead on American Horror Story?
It seems to be that way. In the second part of the Halloween episode, Addie does not pop back up. And her grieving mother Constance (Jessica Lange) decides to put all her rage toward blaming someone other than whoever the driver was…and that someone is Violet (Taissa Farmiga).

Tracy: I miss New Girl! Give me some scoop to tide me over!
Prepare to meet the gang's super serious and scary landlord and expect things to get really weird (and hilarious) when Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) decide to drink with him.

Nicole in Salem, Ore.: Is it true that Jo on CSI: NY has a fight scene with a convicted rapist?
Oh yeah, it's true! We were on set of CSI: NY on the day of the fight, and it was intense! Jason Wiles plays a suspected rapist for a three-episode arc and describes his character as "a rapist, but he's violent too and he's physical and he beats people up and he gets kicks doing that." Sela Ward tells us that being in a fight scene gave her a sense of déjà vu, "It reminded so much of the fugitive where I played Harrison Ford's wife and the character's killed at the beginning of the movie, and that whole sequence of the fight scene, the struggle and bludgeoning and that sort of thing and in that case dying, it reminded me very much of that." We're excited and a little scared to see these three episodes!

DialPforPete: Suburgatory?
Prepare yourselves for a shocker: Tessa (Jane Levy) and Dalia (Carly Chaikin) will be interested in the same guy at school! Dahlia is less than thrilled when the guy seems to take an interest in Tessa. Let the games begin!

Lauren: I'll take anything you got on Pan Am!
Buckle up, people, because you're about to experience some turbulence via an awkward family dinner at Dean's (Mike Vogel) parents house. Yes, that's right. You'll soon meet Dean's parents, who still think he is dating Bridget. Like we said: awkward.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Leanne Aguilera, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Marc Malkin

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