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As the details about Kim Kardashian's sudden split continue to pour in—the divorce filing, hubby's statement of devastation, declarations of support from Kim's sisters—we're keeping you updated just as quickly.

Still, there are always outstanding questions: Who gets the ring? Where do the gifts go? Was there a prenup?

We've got answers for you, and we've crammed them all into one densely packed update:

Will Kim have to return all of her wedding gifts now that she's filed for divorce?

If Kim follows etiquette, she will return her wedding gifts, says Lizzie Post, co-author of Emily Post Etiquette, 18th Edition, and a spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute.

"Obviously anything that has been monogrammed or used can't be returned," Post explains. "But otherwise, the gifts should be returned with a simple note saying, 'Thanks so much for your love and support'."

What happens to the ring? Does Kim give it back?

In her divorce filing, Kardashian has requested that unspecified jewelry obtained during the relationship remain her sole property. Whether that includes her $2 million engagement ring is unclear at this hour.

However, other celebrities tend to return their rings after nuptial plans go sour. "Runaway bride" Crystal Harris reportedly returned her ring to Hugh Hefner, for example. The ring that Ben Affleck gave onetime fiancée Jennifer Lopez went back to Harry Winston.

As for longtime couples who later divorce, that's a bit different. After Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin ended their 9-year marriage, she auctioned off her engagement ring to benefit an animal charity, raising nearly $60,000 in the process.

I'd like to hear from Kris Humphries.

Was there a prenup?

Per the divorce filing, yes. Details are sketchy, but longtime divorce experts expect that things will be kept strictly his 'n' hers, with any joint income from mutual appearances or business endeavors getting split straight down the middle.

A source confirms to E! News that the agreement is "straightforward," but that Kim took her cure from her late father, power attorney Robert Kardashian, who wisely taught his children "you always have to get agreements in writing."

"The likelihood is that the pre-marital agreement will provide that they each keep what they brought into the marriage and that there is no alimony going either way," says top family law attorney Frederic J. Siegel, who has worked on the divorces of Martha Stewart and Liza Minnelli.

"No kids yet, so this should be settled as quietly as these two want it to be. Because they were married for such a short time this should be an extremely easy divorce."
Is Kim still going to do Tyler Perry Marriage Counselor movie? Won't that be a bit awkward?

As of Saturday, Kardashian still planned to do the film.

"You know, when I first of all heard about the role, I was honored that I would even get that offer," Kim told E! News. "He [Tyler Perry] is such an brilliant man, so I was just so excited to be part of the film so it's just every day, reading the script and rehearsing, going over it with friends and sisters. I have met with an acting coach."

Didn't the sisters warn her against this wedding?

Khloé did express her doubts, and on video no less. But Post warns that Khloé should keep her mouth shut now that a divorce is pending.

"'I told you so' is never appropriate in any of these situations," Post tells me.

And the sisters seem to agree. They are rallying around Kim at this hour, offering public words of support.

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