Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes

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Dear Ted:
Can you give us any dish on the hunky Ryan Gosling? Does he have any Vices? And what about him and Eva Mendes? She seems completely not for him, but more interested in gaining from his current megawatt popularity. Share something with us pretty please.

Dear Goo-Goo for Gosling:
If you're wondering if they've Viced as a couple yet, that'd be a no, doll. While this pairing may reek of juicy goss, it's all been pretty innocent so far. I'd put good money on these two getting scandalous before they get serious, though.

Dear Ted:
I literally woke up at night thinking about who the hell John Mayer's Vice partner is? I like Jennifer Aniston, so I don't want it to be her. My money is on Jessica Simpson. Do all his exes know he's a Vice star?

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Dear Vice Made for Two:
Who the hell said he needed a partner for his par-tick brand of Vice? But you're right, you crafty cutie, he does. Jen wasn't into his Vicey ways, which is part of the reason they split. Can't say the same for mama-to-be Jess.

Dear Ted:
I'm getting the impression that Elisabetta Canalis is a snake. Her recent comments about George Clooney being a father figure and how he appreciated her feminine side has me wondering what exactly she is getting at.

Dear Camp Curious:
Are you really surprised that she is out taking digs at Georgey? She's trying to make it in Hollywood, and what's her claim to fame? Let me give you a hint: not dancing. So dishing on Clooney is what's gonna keep her in the news. And there's probably some truth to what she said, too. Think about it.

Dear Ted:
Every time you talk about Dianna Agron, I get the impression that she is leaving Glee after this season. Is she? Do you think she did the right thing when she fired her whole team last year?

Dear Graduation Gloom:
One day people are leaving Glee, the next day they aren't, so it's kinda too soon to tell. It's really not up to Di, but if it were, I think she would be saying sayonara to show tunes and hola to the big screen. We'll see if Ryan Murphy feels the same way.

Dear Ted:
So what is with your new love affair with Blake Lively? You used to be pretty dismissive of her and her acting—even called her performance in The Town over-the-top. And now she should be Grace Kelly? All you seem to do is sing her praises lately. Maybe that theory that she is a manufactured celebrity is true. Has her PR team given you a payoff?

Dear Blake Hater:
Puh-lease. I was merely suggesting her for a role that I think she would be good in. Not ‘cause she's a future Oscar winner, but because she's got the right real-life experience to pull it off. It's hardly a stretch for her, which I think is on par with her acting chops.

Dear Ted:
Which Vampire Diaries costar does Ian Somerhalder Vice with? Pretty, pretty, pretty please with cherries and candy on top!
—Curious Mind

Dear Since You Asked So Nicely:
Paul Wesley
is involved. Happy?

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