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Hooray for Halloween eye candy!

No need to thank us, really, but we have a special treat for you CW fans: An exclusive round-table chat with Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter, Ringer's Kristoffer Polaha and Nikita's Shane West, who swung by our E! News studio to give us scoop on their shows, and their personal lives.

So what's ahead for their love triangles? Which one of these boys is "stalking" the other? And who's trying to get on another CW show?

"I want to be on Nikita," Dixie's Porter tells E! News' Michael Yo. "I just want to shoot guns and run around and be on an action show."

Awww, Jason Street (FNL shoutout, y'all) so deserves that, doesn't he? Make it happen, CW!

Sounds like Porter is something of a Nikita fan himself, because during our roundtable chat with the CW guys, he had a burning question for Shane: "Do you feel safe on this show? Because a lot of people died last year!"

Shane laughed, "Yeah, we like to take people out, apparently. You would think you know that you're okay, but then you start to think, 'Well maybe.' But I think this year there is a lot of additional characters that have been added so it's like, 'Let's take them out and then I'll be safe!'"

Hart of Dixie's returns with new episodes next week, and Scott tells us that right now, Rachel Bilson's character Zoe doesn't stand much of a chance with his character George. "George isn't focused on winning the girl right now," he explains, "George is focused on keeping the girl. My character and Jamie King's character Lemon are engaged on the show and there has been a change in her and he feels her kind of slipping away from him and he doesn't quite know what he did or what happeneds. He's interested in Zoe of course, but he's very focused on keeping his engagement alive."

On Nikita, the fans have just a teensy-tiny (read: all-encompassing) desire for Shane's character Michael to live happily ever after with Maggie Q's character Nikita. So will it happen now that a woman from his past is back in the mix? "You know," Shane tells us, "it's very hard to pull [Michael and Nikita] apart and when you do it so quickly, you need to find some sort of way of causing rifts in between the relationship, otherwise it's one big happy family so quickly.  So they are in trouble and they are going to be pulled apart, but hopefully be brought back together."

We'll bring you more scoop on Wednesday from Ringer's Kris Polaha (including a "dirty secret" that just might make you laugh out loud!). But for now, we can tell you that Kris is being accused of "stalking" Shane West (whom he calls "Shanye West"), after confessing that he first "met" Shane at a Marie Callendar's in Toluca Lake...Though Shane has no such recollection. Oh, and you know how Scott and Kris first met? Auditioning for a musical version of Heathers. Um, can we make that happen, now, please?

Check out the video above for more goodies from our roundtable chat with Kris, Shane and Scott!

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