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Nothing says family fun like a camping trip with the polygamists, right?

That's not exactly what the Brown family learned on tonight's episode of Sister Wives when some of the older children were not happy to be going camping with the family over the Fourth of July holiday. Fishing, complaining, teasing...all this and more came out to play when the gang went into the wilderness!

The family decides to go camping at Big Bear Lake in California because it's too hot in Las Vegas on the Fourth of July. (So hot in fact that Christine tries to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Sadly, her experiment does not work.) Some of the kids are less than thrilled to be going camping—and to be living in Las Vegas.

"Teenagers have this hormonal issue," Kody says of the older children. "They get angry for no reason at all." Meri thinks the teens are justified in their anger over the move and Janelle admits she's unsure what to do about her son Hunter, who has been very angry since the move as he feels they were chased out of Utah away from their friends and family. 

"Hunter is a raging testosterone monster," Kody says when Hunter cops an attitude at the camping ground. It's revealed in the episode that Hunter has a problem accepting Robyn, Kody's newest wife.

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When the teasing got out of control with Robyn's children (with a different father), Meri stepped in. This all makes Robyn emotional, especially when she starts talking about possibly having her children leave the family because they have the ability to choose to live with their father at the age of 13. 

The episode also featured a bit of a child swap. Yes, a child swap.

Christine's two daughters Brianne and Isabel are moving in with Meri because Isabel gets along better with Meri. While Christine says some people might think she's a bad parent, but admits Isabel staying with Meri is "a perk of polygamy." 

Robyn says she has a name for her sister wives' children: "Bonus children!" 

What did you think of tonight's episode of Sister Wives? Did you think it was OK for Christine's kids to move in with Meri? 

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