Metallica sure ticked off their fans in India...

The metal rockers were set to play their first ever concert on the subcontinent Friday in the city of Guragon, India. But the show became a no-go when the band announced just prior to concert time that they'd have to postpone until Saturday due to "failure of a security barricade in front of the stage that could not be adequately repaired."

As you can guess, the fans didn't take the news well. Hear about the ruckus after the jump!

The band took to their official site, explaining: "We arrived in Delhi on Friday very excited and ready to play our first show ever in India at the F1 Rocks concert. However, immediately at the end of our afternoon press conference at a hotel near the venue, we were notified that there was a serious question as to whether the show could proceed with regard to the safety of the concert audience. And our first and foremost concern is always for the safety of you, the fans."

Well, apparently the feeling wasn't mutual as fans seemed unconcerned about their own safety. After the announcement many of the 25,000 concertgoers rushed—and trashed—the stage, destroying instruments and causing injuries to some fans.

And the rock 'n' roll chaos didn't stop there, as the rescheduled show the following night also fell through when the band and promoter were reportedly unable to obtain the proper permissions to stage the event.

Now, not only will the band have to issue refunds to all paying customers, but the promoter must pay an additional price as well. NDTV reports that four of the concerts' organizers were arrested on charges of overselling the venue and not telling fans about the cancellations in a timely manner.

Yikes, looks like the show can't always go on!

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