Michael Lohan's Latest Mug Shot: Like Daughter, Like Father?

Troubled star's troubled father adds a new photo to the family album

By Bruna Nessif Oct 29, 2011 12:01 AMTags
Michael Lohan, mug shot Hillsborough County Sheriff's Dept.

The apple doesn't leap far from the balcony fall far from the tree with the Lohans.

He might not have quite the collection his little princess has, but Michael Lohan sure is rackin' 'em up.

Barely a week after Lindsay Lohan's mug shot graced our eyes, we see her dear old papa following in her footsteps.

Daddy Lohan went back to a Florida jail Thursday morning, just 12 hours after getting released from being put in the slammer on Tuesday for an alleged physical confrontation with off-on girlfriend Kate Major.

He then made the genius decision to violate a no-contact order, which caused Major to alert the cops. So what does a man do when he's trying to keep from going back behind bars? Well, if you're as smart (total sarcasm there) as Michael Lohan, then you would leap from your third-floor balcony into a tree.