Stacy Francis, X Factor

Frank Micelotta / FOX

Stacy Francis is fighting back.

Reports have surfaced attacking the X Factor singer because she once had a promising music career.

True, she has been on Broadway and has had bit parts in movies and television, but...

Francis says the chance to make it big was taken away from her many years ago.

"I haven't performed in 12 years bcuz I was in a domestic abuse relationship," she tweeted this morning. "And then I was told I was too old."

Since when is wanting a second chance a bad thing?

Francis is certainly not the only contestant on the show to have had some success at one time or another.

Why she is being bullied criticized so harshly is unclear. One blog went so far as to deem her a "fraud." However, it's the same site that claimed Francis has a secret child in their 20s—she doesn't!

Given her troubled past with domestic abuse, it's sad that Francis has to face such hate.

"Stacy stopped singing when she was 30 years old because of that relationship," a source tells me. "She had some gigs here and there, but she's never lied about that. Were they big gigs? No. She's just wants to get that big break now."

Francis is being called out for things like appearing in Footloose on Broadway and having bigwig industry connections like Tom Cruise, because she was hired to sing at one of his birthday parties. "If she has such great connections, why is she on X Factor?" the source said.

How is she different from any of the other contestants with a past? American Idol has had their fair share of experienced singers, as did The Voice.

"If I am such a huge star..I have a question for all of my NEW FANS!?? DID YOU KNOW MY NAME B4 The Xfactor??" Francis tweeted. "no u didn't SImon discovered me."

Francis released a statement earlier this afternoon on her website. "There are a lot of things which aren't true being said about me, too many to list actually!" the statement reads, in part. "So I just wanted to tell you I have always been honest with you and will continue to do so. I could only have wished to have had the success and support some people now claim I have—but right now I'm getting my break and thank you for this!"

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