Michael Lohan

Charles Eshelman/Getty images

While Lindsay Lohan is still at the morgue, her father remains in the hospital.

Michael Lohan continues to be treated at a Florida medical center after suffering a foot injury following a less-than-successful leap off a balcony.

The mishap went down as police closed in on him yesterday for violating a judge's order to not contact his domestic abuse-accusing girlfriend Kate Major.

However, authorities say that, despite the fact that Lohan continues to be treated, he has been booked remotely.

"They did a short version of what would happen inside a jail facility except for fingerprinting and photographs," Larry McKinnon, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, tells E! News. "We have deputies guarding him while he's in medical treatment. Once he is released, he'll be brought back to the Orient Road jail in Tampa."

Lohan could find himself in court as soon as this Saturday or Sunday, said McKinnon, depending on what time he is brought to jail.

McKinnon added that once Lohan is released from the hospital, a mug shot will be taken and posted online.

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury

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