Guess Who

Babies are just the cutest, aren't they?

This little tot was hangin' out on the swing set while his dad snapped a shot for his Instagram.

"Buddy at 1 year old I think I might be the dad!! Dead ringer or what?" his pops joked.

So exactly whose Mini-Me is young Buddy?

Jamie Oliver

Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic

It's the man who tried to revolutionize the food in the Los Angeles Unified School District (but got shut down).

Jamie Oliver is the British chef who sought to improve what kids were consuming at schools in Huntington, W. Va., during the Emmy-winning first season of his ABC reality show, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Oliver also unfortunately experienced tragedy during the U.K. riots in August, when the tumult claimed his Italiian eatery.

"Sadly my restaurant in Birmingham got smashed up, windows all gone, whole area closed, can't open, staff and customers all safe!!," he tweeted.

Well, at least he's got one heckuva cute son to make up for all of it, and we're pretty sure this little guy's daily nutrition will be on point.
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