Blake Lively, Robert Pattinson Press; NIKO/SIPA

Ready for some body part envy, babes?

'Cause after you voted on which celebs have the best lips, legs, and whatever other parts we served up, we tallied the percentages and crowned the winners.

We already let slip that Rob Pattinson and Blake Lively came out victorious, but there's plenty more parts for you to peep:

But before we get to ogling, let's welcome two new additions to the crew.

We asked for your suggestions on who we left out from the previous rounds and after reading your responses (sorry, Robsten fanatics, but we're happy with where we place the Twilight twosome), here were the two wildcard additions:

Chris Evans, who managed to get a shout out for just about every part of his body—but one in par-tick caught our eye: his shoulders.

The hunky star definitely does have a good set of shoulders to set his gorgeous head upon. So that's the body part he's getting honored for.

As for the ladies, we chose a fresh faced newbie who has a much less commonly chitchatted about body part: Lucy Hale's eyebrows! The Pretty Little Liars star definitely has them sculpted to perfection, and we're hardly surprised. She needs to raise them a lot on that boob tube series of hers.

As for the other winners? Find out where Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, and Joe Manganiello fell in our Hollywood's Hottest Body Parts 2011 gallery.

And get ready to see 'em battle it out for the complete package come Monday.

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