Jessica Simpson

Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow Splash

Dear Ted:
Jessica Simpson
is obviously pregnant. I'm guessing the only reason she's not officially confirming it is so people keep talking about her. Am I right? She's not exactly an ultra-private celeb.

Dear Mucho Ado About Baby:
You're on the right track, babe. Rumor has it Jess has been trying to shop around the announcement to a couple different media outlets. Of course, Team Simpson has denied it and no magazine or tabloid has 'fessed up to making an offer. But maybe that's the hold up: The price isn't right.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Heather Morris and Naya Rivera? These two used to always gush about how they are real-life besties and used to always spend time together, now it's all Lea Michele and Naya and Heather seems to be MIA. What's the deal?

Dear BFF Backtrack:
It's simple, my little Gleek, Naya got more airtime and bumped herself up in the hierarchy of the show, which means she swaps out one bestie for another—and one whose personality so much more closely mirrors her own.

Dear Ted:
I couldn't quite understand your last post about George Clooney and his new girlfriend. Are you saying George might get back with Elisabetta Canalis? Is there any chance? Please say I misunderstood the article. His new relationship is odd, but it was harder to stand his previous one.

Dear Lost in Translation:
Heck no, chica! Elisabetta is long gone and George wants nothing to do with her—so breathe easy. And tho she may be traipsing around the world with her True Blood man candy, I think the real story is much different for Betty. She'd get back with George in a heartbeat.

Dear Ted:
I am obsessed with the January Jones baby-daddy mystery. I really do think this is doing wonders for her career. I am wondering if the baby daddy is giving any financial help? Does he even know he is the baby daddy?

Dear Short and Sweet:
He's definitely in the know and definitely helping out, money wise—just probably not in the way you'd expect.

Dear Ted:
What is your honest opinion about how the Breaking Dawn tour has been lined up? I'm talking about talk shows and the whole nine yards. I'm really glad the cast will all be on Ellen together, but what's up with the Jimmy Kimmel show? Rob, Kristen and Taylor will all be on the show but on different days. I really don't feel like recording three different episodes. I have to watch all of my shows after my kids go to bed. I have to ask, is everything still OK between Rob and Kristen?

Dear Late-Night Catfight:
Simple, babe: more exposure. If the Summit folks can book three nights of promo instead of just one, why not? More appearances on the late-night scene mean more eyeballs that may head to the theatre to see Breaking Dawn. It has nothing to do with Robsten.

Dear Ted:
Forget how Edward Cullen gets it up. How does he get it down? Remember he is as—and I am quoting here—hard as marble. Bella's lips conform around his. So, ouch really. Plus he is "wintry cold." Again, ouch. Finally, it, I mean he, sparkles for goodness sake! Why has no one addressed this?

Dear On Second Thought...
Maybe it's best we don't dig too deep into this biz? Ick.

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