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OK, so Michael Lohan got arrested twice in the same week. OK, so he tried to evade capture (the second time) by jumping from his apartment's third-story balcony to a tree. OK, so he missed. The branches, that is.

These things happen. And, sad truth be told, the tree-falling part happens quite a bit, and not just to Lindsay Lohan's father, either.

Here are five other celebrities who took timber-related tumbles—one fatally so:

1. Keith Richards: In 2006, the Rolling Stones' guitarist underwent brain surgery after falling out of a coconut tree, and, in a separate manuever, off a Jet Ski. Because he's Keith Richards (and because the tree wasn't all that tall, he insisted), the road warrior recovered in a matter of weeks. 

2. Joan Baez: Around the same time as Richards' coconut-tree mishap, this folk singer and activist took up residence in a Los Angeles redwood as part of a protest movement. Baez told reporters she was no stranger to tree-living as she regularly communed in a wall-less treehouse. "But that's only 20-feet high," she said, "and I have a ladder." Four years later, Baez sustained minor injuries when she fell guess-how-far from guess-what while climbing down from guess-whose-wall-less treehouse.

3. Susan Hayward: Even cut trees can pose hazards. This future Oscar-winner and Valley of the Dolls star suffered "a bump on [the] head," it was reported in 1942, when she fell off a log while at work on a movie. 

4. Jackie Chan: You might think this risk-taking action hero easily could have made Michael Lohan's balcony-to-tree jump, but you never can tell with jumps—or trees. In 1986, while filming the Hong Kong film Armour of God, Chan's attempt to leap from a castle wall to a tree failed when he couldn't get a handle on a limb, and landed on the ground. On his head. Wrote Chan, who somehow survived: "A piece of my skull cracked and shot up into my brain, and blood poured from my ears."

5. Johnny Sheffield: Here's hoping Michael Lohan comes to understand just how easy he got off with his own tree stunt. Last year, Sheffield, a former child star who famously played Tarzan's vine-swinging companion Boy in the 1930s and 1940s, died shortly after a fall from a ladder he'd climbed to prune a palm tree. Said his widower: "He was a jungle boy to the end."    

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