Courtney Stodden


If a picture is worth a thousand words, we're guessing these photos of Courtney Stodden are going to generate quite a few more than that.

Although, probably for very different reasons.

Before she sparked controversy by tying the knot with 51-year-old Doug Hutchison—not to mention posing time and time and time again in a way that gave the impression the 17-year-old might be a wee bit older than she says—the teen bride actually once looked like the girl next door...

In newly acquired shots of Courtney, we not only see the gal in her younger days, but also appearing a lot more fresh-faced and innocent. According to her mom, the shots were taken "between 12 and 13."

"Some of those are the first private photos she had ever taken. She started modeling at age 12," Courtney's mom, Krista Keller, tells E! News.

Krista adds that while her daughter "is drop dead gorgeous with no makeup on," she understands Courtney's desire to want to get all dolled up.

"When she puts her makeup on and it's very dramatic, she's still very hot. A pastor once told us, 'You can put her in a potato sack with a toe sticking out and she's still too sexy," she says. "But without her makeup, she looks just like that...I'd like to get a photo out there with no makeup on.

"But whatever, let her do what she wants; it's not like it's glued to her face forever."

As for the photo of her daughter firing a pistol, Keller says, "That's real! She's at target practice. I was there! It wasn't staged; she's really shooting a gun there."

With regards to Courtney's appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky's Lifechangers (airing Nov. 7), in which some have suggested she might have been on something because her speech seemed a bit slurred, her mom insists that such allegations are ridiculous.

"She's goofy!" Krista says about her daughter. "Some people are mad all the time. She wakes up and she's always happy. People that know her, they know this is her. They don't believe those rumors one iota...She's a perfect child. And all this hate comes from jealousy. Next year, she's going to be a superstar!"

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