Michael Lohan, Mugshot

Michael Lohan had quite the adventure with police during his latest arrest.

The recently released police report documenting the bizarre events reads like an action novel, beginning with Lohan's violation of a no-contact order and concluding with his hospitalization after fleeing the cops by jumping from a hotel balcony.

The report  also notes (under "linkage factors") that Lohan "consumed alcohol and drugs."

So what's the latest? And how is his alleged victim, Kate Major, reacting to the events?

According to the police report on Lohan, officers confirmed firsthand Kate Major's complaint that he was violating a judge's orders by contacting her.

"She [Kate] was very upset and fed up with this whole situation," the report states. "We looked at her land-line phone and saw a call from the Tahitian Inn came in at 2252hrs. We saw another call from the def's cell phone at 0053hrs. While we were gathering this information, the def called again from his cell phone."

The report states that Lohan, on speakerphone, tried persuading Major to "work things out" with him, stating, "I didn't throw the remote at you, I threw it at the floor."

When the police arrived at the Tahitian to chat with Lohan, one of the cops spotted him hiding behind a pillar on the second floor of the hotel. After cops called his name, the chase began, with Lohan eventually pulling a Superman move and taking flight off a balcony into a tree.

"He came crashing down on top of wooden high chairs that were lying on the ground," states the report. "This fall was 34 feet (measured with laser)."

Lohan is still in a Tampa area hospital with an injured foot and will not be posing for a fresh mug shot until he is released, according to Tampa Police Media Relations.

A rep for Major said she had "no comment" on the incident—but not, apparently, because she is protecting her privacy.

The alleged harassment victim is reportedly shopping her story around to news outlets. Major's rep told E! News that her client would be willing to elaborate on her "no comment" in a sit-down interview—for the right amount of cash.

Making matters worse for Lohan is the fact that Lindsay's mom and Michael's ex-wife, Dina, served him this week with papers for failing to pay $11,000 in child support.

Meanwhile, she is on her way to L.A. to support her troubled daughter at her next court date, scheduled for Nov. 2.

"She's coming to be with Lindsay," an insider told E! News.

Stay tuned for the ongoing Lohan family saga...

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

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