Michael Lohan Tries to Flee Cops, Jumps Off Balcony, Lands in Tree

Lindsay's dad has another run in with cops less than 12 hours after being released on bail in a domestic violence case against his girlfriend

By Marianne Garvey Oct 27, 2011 2:34 PMTags
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Michael Lohan tried to channel Superman. He came across more like Joker.

Lindsay's daddy dearest is back in a Florida jail this morning, just 12 hours after getting sprung, after he tried to evade police by—get this—leaping form his third-floor balcony into a tree, the Tampa Police department confirms to E! News.

Needless to say, he didn't make it far.

Fresh out of jail on bail following his last arrest (which happened on Tuesday) following an alleged physical confrontation with off-on girlfriend Kate Major. As a condition of his release on Wednesday, Lohan was ordered not to have any contact with Major ("If you even dream about it and you violate my order, you will go to jail," said Judge Walter Heinrich).

But, according to Tampa police, shortly after leaving lockup, Lohan began phoning up Major. Major alerted cops and put Lohan on speakerphone for their listening (dis)pleasure. Because that was a blatant violation of his restraining order, the cops headed over to his apartment at the Tahitian Inn.

And that's where things went bonkers.

When Tampa's finest arrived, Lohan, 51, allegedly tried to escape by jumping from his balcony into a tree. It didn't go well.

After failing to stick the landing, he complained about a possible broken foot and was taken to Tampa General Hospital.

He was arrested on charges of violating the stay-away order, resisting arrest without violence and contempt of court, police said.

On footage shot by the local Fox affliliate, Lohan tells the camera crew, "She keeps doing this...She needs help, she calls me and I'm the sucker. I called back, and I'm an idiot."

Police disputed that account, telling E! News that they checked phone records and "did not see any incoming calls from the number he gave that would be hers.

Earlier, Lohan told reporters that Major, a tabloid reporter, makes her living in part by getting him in trouble. He was also arrested in March for allegedly holding Major against her will. Those charges were eventually dismissed as the pair reconciled—to fight another day.

Lohan is still in the hosptal in Tampa with an injured foot, according to Tampa Police Media Relations.

Maybe it's time he and Major just call it quits.

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury