It's really been a shocker at how well-behaved the girls have been throughout the season. Well, for the most part. But then again, it is the all-stars, so maybe they're putting all their focus on the competition.

And they should.

Tonight proved that absolutely nobody is safe from elimination, as two girls went home, including someone who has been on top of the game since the first episode.

Scratch 'n' Sniff: The challenge for this week has a lot to do with creating a million-dollar fragrance. You know you've made it in Hollywood when there's a scent attached to your name, so the ladies picked three different smells they enjoyed that a special company combined to create individual fragrances. Some of the models chose their branding term as the name for their perfume, while others, like Allison picked something a little more out there, like Honey Blood.

Bathing Beauties: Another part of the challenge was to actually sell this fragrance to fans. How would they do this? By each having specific stations containing their perfume and other scented products with the same scent that they'll advertise—and here's the rub (a dub dub)—while in a bathtub. Sexy, right? Well, yes. But Bianca felt that was unladylike and would like to be taken more seriously. Does Tyra Banks sell products in a tub?! Well, no. But she's Tyra Banks.

Sweet Smell of Success: It's no surprise that Lisa was having fun in the tub while trying to sell her scent. And that's probably why she ended up as the challenge winner. So what'd she get? Her fragrance, Neon, will actually launch and she scored immunity from this week's elimination! Sweet!

Biker Chic: For the photo shoot, the ladies had to step out of their comfort zone (don't they always?) and embody either NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta or Snooki from Jersey Shore as they rode on the back of a motorcycle around Hollywood. Bianca tried to step up her game by buying a jar of pickles for her Snooki shoot, but it ended up making her look like a porn star. Not that far off from Snooki, but also not Top Model material.

My Life on the All-Stars List: After the panel and guest judge Kathy Griffin deliberated, it came down to a double elimination! Dun, dun, dunnn…The top photo went to Lisa, who was also immune, so yay her! The three girls that were left at the end were Shannon, Kayla and Bianca. God must be on her side, because Shannon was safe. Looks like the rest of this season will be less candid and free. Goodbye, Bianca and Kayla!

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