Blake Lively, Grace Kelly

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We know we've championed some controversial casting choices before (Lindsay Lohan for Valley of the Dolls, anyone?), but hear us out on this one:

Blake Lively was born to play Grace Kelly. And the gossip girl needs to storm the set of a new movie in the works about the actress/princess, pronto.

Now before you poo-poo what we (so humbly) think is parfait casting, you must see where we're coming from: Blake has had years of life experience that she can use as method acting for the part. Need more?

First, here are the deets on the flick:

Producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam is taking on the project (describes as a "not-a-biopic" biopic) about the actress who just so happened to also be a friggin' Princess (of Monaco, that is). And the latter half of her title is what the movie will focus on, with some tax issues and ticked off French people added for drama.

And while Blakey-poo might not be royalty (yet) or an Oscar winner, she's practically a reincarnation of Kelly.

First of all, she's a blonde bombshell.

No one's going to deny that the Gossip Girl star has legs to die for, golden locks to envy, and a rack that she's definitely not shy about showing off. And we'd love to see her all dolled up in retro glam—wouldn't you?

Looks aside—or probably precisely because of her looks—Blake also has the Grace Kelly man-trap bit down pat. It's no secret that after she passed, peeps weren't shy about saying which fellahs Grace had bedded. And, fancy that, most of 'em were costars.

And while Blake hasn't limited her pool of potential lovahs to only costars, she's dated quite a few: like, say, Penn Badgley and now slumber party buddy Ryan Reynolds.

You're kinda green with envy, huh? Which, surprise-surprise, is exactly how certain chicas felt about Grace.

Bedroom biz aside, Grace was only so-so in the talent department (despite grabbing the aforementioned Academy Award) but still managed to nab all the biggest flicks in town. Kinda reminds us of a certain The Town star.

The facts are black and white: Blake should be the front runner for the role. And if we know our Blake—and we think we do—she'll make sure she is.

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