Lindsay Lohan

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Dear Ted:
Regarding Lindsay Lohan and Playboy, um, hi, Drew Barrymore? She was all but written off for problems not unlike Lindsay's until she did Playboy. Lindsay does have talent, and if she pulls it together, she will make it back to a solid career. I really think she'll surprise people. Or maybe I'm just naive. I guess I'm just a bleeding heart but I really want to see her make it through.

Dear Barry the Hatchet:
So not the same thing, doll. See, Drew at least kinda had a grip on things when she stripped down for the mag. LiLo is right in the midst of her legal (and personal) crap storm. And timing really is everything when it comes to showing off the T&A. Is it too much to ask that it's at least not Marilyn Monroe themed?

Dear Ted:
With the recent abysmal failure of Abduction, do you think that producers will now think twice before hiring Taylor Lautner as the star of a new movie? I mean, we haven't heard anything in ages about what were supposed to be his two next films, Max Steel and Stretch Armstrong. So, is he dunzo?

Dear Six-Pack Figures:
It'll take more than one box-office bomb to end Taylor's career. He's had enough big-screen success in the Twilight flicks and Valentine's Day (both of which it could be argued was despite T.L.) that he'll get a second chance. Plus Taylor is very persistent. Almost too persistent, if you ask me.

Dear Ted:
I'm a little worried about our girl Dianna Agron. Yeah it's no secret that she kind of can't wait to move on from Glee, but I feel like it's starting to affect her "time" on the show. The CD listings were just released for the new Christmas CD and she's nowhere to be found on it. So what gives? She still has a pretty large fan base on Glee and a lot of us fans aren't too happy with how Quinn's been treated lately. Any insight for us?

Dear Gleek Be Gone:
It's all behind-the-scenes stuff, doll. There are other Gleeks who are dying to be front and center (and are willing to kiss as much tush as possible when cameras cut to get their close-ups). But Dianna isn't one of them. Not anymore, at least.

Dear Ted:
It is amazing how ex-spouses can lead different lives at the same moment. Take Demi Moore and her ex-husband Bruce Willis. Demi is going through some very difficult times in her marriage, while Bruce is announcing a new pregnancy. Now the Awful request: Upon their deaths, if authorized, honestly written biographies were to be published, which one would be the most surprising, Bruce or Demi's? Who has the biggest skeleton in their closet that would totally surprise fans and Hollywood alike?

Dear Bad Timing:
Demi, darling, but I'm sure you already knew that. Would it be totally surprising? No. Tho a few details would definitely raise some eyebrows. But it'd definitely be a better read than her baldy ex-hubby's, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
You said that Blake Lively knows how to lock down her latest eligible bachelor. But how? Sandra Bullock is adorable, Rachel McAdams and Scarlett Johansson are gorgeous and talented. Leonardo DiCaprio's models have been...well, at least great-looking. How do Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Leo then all fall for the pretty (yet not quite stunning) TV "actress" Blake Lively. What's her secret? Or is she just a safe rebound (i.e. sexy momentary diversion; no strings attached guaranteed)?

Dear Blind Side:
If you don't think Blakey-poo is drop-dead beautiful then you should probably get your eyes checked, babe. That said, her secret is one that will stay between her, her hunks, and the Vice gallery. So shhhh!

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