TV Crush

You guys managed to narrow down the list of crushable TV characters from 64 guys and gals to 32. And a lot of those matchups were heartbreaking, so bravo to you guys!

In round 2, the competition really heats up. For the ladies, we've got Pierce's going up against each other! And for the men…well, let's just say we're happy we're not you guys because we don't want to have to choose between a Booth and a Bass…

Below are the survivors from Round One of our Ultimate TV Character Crush competition and, as amazing as they all are, it's time to do more trimming. We need to get down to 16, so start clicking!

Voting for this round ends Monday, October 31 at 12 p.m. PST, so you have the whole weekend to make sure your favorites get through to the next round. Happy voting!

How tough was this round? It only gets worse from here, so keep voting for your faves! Come back next week for the Sweet Sixteen!

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