You don't know what you're missing, Mr. President.

Commander in chief Barack Obama finished up his two-day trip to L.A. yesterday with a visit to the Tonight Show, where he chatted for a bit on various political topics before host Jay Leno shifted gears to discuss what's really on everybody's mind.

Which is, does Obama really not like his two daughters watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians?!!

"Have you seen the show?" inquired Leno upon bringing up the subject.

"I have not seen the show," admitted Obama.

"Ah, so you're making a judgment without ever having seen the show," teased Leno.

"I'm probably a little biased against reality TV [cue rimshot!], partly because there's this program on C-Span called Congress," joked Obama. "But, no, I have not seen the show...[but] I think the girls have seen it."

Which probably means, of course, that Sasha and Malia would both be a little jealous of dad if they ever saw this particular photo.

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