Is Ellen DeGeneres a magician, or what?!

The talk show host managed to get Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to actually speak (a little bit) about his personal life, while visiting Ellen (airing Thursday) to promote the band's latest album, Mylo Xyloto.

After plainly stating that he doesn't speak about wife Gwyneth Paltrow a lot—and with Martin admitting that he doesn't—Ellen frankly said, "But you have a great relationship and two precious kids. And we love Gwyneth. She's been here many times."

That was all it took for him to open up a bit...

"She's been a great beard for me now, for 10 years," he joked.

Obvs, the marriage is for real and he's not a gay man trying to come off as straight by getting hitched to one of Hollywood's A-listers (sorry, guys!). And yes, Gwynnie is his first real relationship, besides his bandmates, who have been truckin' on for 15 years.

But seriously. How did Ellen manage to talk about the songwriter's private life without him flipping out? Well, technically, he couldn't hang up on her like that radio interview on The Bert Show.

"It was just baffling. It was odd. I think Chris was just having a bad day," Jeff Dauler, executive producer and cohost of The Bert Show, tells E! News.

Guess today was a better day?

—Additional reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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