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Dear Ted:
We've played the who will-win-the-first-Oscar game with Twilight before. Now I have two similar questions about another cast. Out of the Glee guys and gals, who will win the first Oscar? (Or at least get nominated.) And who will have the best or longest Hollywood career?

Dear Destined for the Big Screen:
Duh, Ms. Lea Michele has definitely got the chops to go far in this business, but I'm thinking maybe she's more of a Tony kind of gal? Which, perhaps, leaves Dianna Agron to be our first Glee awardee—the girl can act, and she's definitely got those movie-star looks. Plus, she plays the game far better than people think.

Dear Ted:
If rumor is true, Lindsay Lohan has been asked to do a nudie spread for Playboy. I'd like to pummel whoever made this offer to her. It's not a way to "help" her by offering her a "job." It's not lending any credibility to any acting. Even if she never acts again, I wish she'd get her stuff together. Every time I see an L.L. article my mind is just screaming for someone to help her. But not the kind of "help" that equates to enabling. H'wood, please stop hiring this girl for anything until she gets clean. I hate to bode catastrophic, but I do fear that she's circling the drain and that things will not end well for her. Or maybe I'm being dramatic?

Dear Paranoid:
Hey, stripping for Playboy beats many more self-destructive habits Lindsay's got. Besides, a job's a job, and clearly it's work that's going to also help Lindsay get her act together. But you're forgetting one primo fact, B, nobody can help Lindsay until Lindsay's decided she wants help. And I really don't think she's crossed that line yet.

Dear Ted:
Just curious about the Breaking Dawn wedding site. In the book the wedding was held inside the Cullen house. I'm wondering why they filmed it outside in the forest?

Dear Stating the Obvious:
Because Summit knows what you Twi-hards love to see, and that's a drop-dead gorgeous outdoor wedding. I somehow don't think a Bella and Edward union in the Cullen living room would have quite the same effect, do you? That would be like a honeymoon with no broken furniture!

Dear Ted:
I find the contempt January Jones has expressed for Ashton Kutcher in past interviews strangely intriguing. What's that about?

Dear Sweet Revenge:
The pair seriously dated for three years about a decade ago (J.J. was still getting her foot in the door with made-for-TV movies), when Kutcher doubted Jones would find success in the biz. That's where the animosity comes from, but truth is January's a tough chick, and she's proving that in spades right now.

Dear Ted:
Regarding your questioning of vampire, er, grand salutes, I have an answer for you: good ol' fashion teenage horny, shaken with a tad of biology, and a twist of undying lust. If I understood that one-and-only hot Stephenie Meyer passage correctly, the youngest Cullen had been abstinent all his life (100 years). Ouch! As for the said grand salute, well darling, do you expect anything less from vampires than constant erections?

Dear Seeing the Light:
I see where you're going here, Rita. I guess a hundred years of sexual frustration could amass some serious superhuman strength.

Dear Ted:
So what's new with Topher Hairy-Tuchus? Is he still trolling the internet for closeted flings, or is he back in the (safe) arms of yet another beard? Or both, perhaps? Do give us an update on this!

Dear Jenny:
Toph's dull as crap these days, i.e., back with yet another beard.

Dear Ted:
I work for a party planner that helps throw afterparties for movies, and the most recent one I worked was for Justin Timberlake's In Time. I personally saw J.T. and Jessica Biel interact and they were pretty friggin' cute together. He was being really lovey-dovey with her, tickling her and at one point she sat on his lap. I know you always call them boring, but they were both really nice to everyone and gladly took a pic with my coworker even though that's a big no-no at my job. But when ever I see pap pics of them they look sad. What's the deal? Why not let everyone see they make each other happy once in a while? It's not like they're hounded like Brangelina...

Dear Snooze Fest 2011:
Tickling her and she sat on his lap? Like I said, R, boring. As for the paps, J.T. is really doing his thing in the movie biz these days and though he may not be Brad Pitt, they're still hounded. Neither of them love the paparazzi attention, and you can't smile for the camera's all the sex it up a lot more Jess 'n' Jus!

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