Jessica Simpson, Twitter

Twitter; Jamie McCarthy/

Here's something we don't see every day—which is probably good for health-code reasons.

Along with a tweet that read, "Short girl problems," Jessica Simpson posted a photo yesterday of a pair of cute bare feet.

A pair of cute bare feet dangling a few inches above the floor that are attached to a woman sitting on the toilet, that is.

Us Weekly reported that the presumed shot of Simpson was taken while she was using the ladies room at the very high-end Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan.

But would Simpson have really abandoned her shoes—not to mention her boundaries—while shopping?

Well, if you're going to go barefoot in a public restroom, Bergdorf is probably the place to do it.

But aside from the fact that Simpson was photographed on her shopping spree wearing leggings and boots (not to mention quite the belly-hugging tank top) and it's highly unlikely that she removed all of that to illustrate a minor point, plus there's a cloth towel and what appears to be a bidet in the picture!

So either we're only peeing at Bergdorf from now on, or this picture was taken elsewhere—like in a hotel bathroom.

There's been no response yet from Simpson's camp about whether those are even her tootsies are not.

If they are her feet, perhaps sis Ashlee Simpson or mom Tina did the photo-taking honors, seeing as how the ladies are all in New York City right now working on the Jessica Simpson Collection's new denim line.

Which will presumably include lots of fit options and petite sizes for those with "short girl problems."

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