Newsflash: ABC's Suburgatory is one of the most notable (and rare!) new shows actually worth your time this season. And the word of mouth is growing.

We hit the set to chat up stars Jane Levy, Cheryl Hines and Jeremy Sisto and found out how the show is heating up (a kiss!) and the scandalous ways in which the cast is celebrating their recent full-season pick up...

"Something is brewing, something is happening and it's awkward," Cheryl Hines tells us with a laugh, referring to the cute but, um, adulterous flirtation between her Franken-mom character Dallas and hunky new neighbor George (Sisto).

Despite the fact that Dallas is married (minor deet!), Jeremy tells us that there will be some lip lockage on an upcoming episode.

"It is a kiss that has some justification," he explains, "possibly not in the romantic way, but it has implications that are deeper than that. They start thinking about each other when they are not there and it is something that is completely unexpected and it's actually a really cute, sweet relationship."

Jeremy Sisto, Jane Levy, Suburgatory


"Dallas and George are an odd couple," Cheryl adds. "In any other universe they would never be together, but for some reason here in the suburbs, you're kind of stuck with the people you are stuck with and you look at your neighbor and say, ‘Oh you're actually not bad.'"

Jane Levy, who plays Jeremy's daughter Tessa, sat through our interview in just a bathrobe, and for good reason. "In this episode we wake up to find that a fire hydrant has been knocked over on our lawn," she tells us, "and we still have soap all over our bodies and our water is shut off."

Sounds like a party. And speaking of, the cast is celebrating their full-season pick-up by taking a little Las Vegas! Veteran TV actors Cheryl and Jeremy decided that it was time to corrupt the younger cast by bringing them to the city of sin. "I'm going to teach them how to gamble like an adult should," says Hines, "and then I'm just going to let them roam the streets and see what happens. Vegas will be the tipping point, there will be tattoos that we will never be able to speak of." TV Mom of the Year, ladies and gents!

Check out our full interviews with the cast below to get the full scoop on this addictive new comedy.

Are you as excited as we are about a full season of Suburgatory? Tune in tonight for an all-new Halloween episode at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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