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While we were très disappointed Kristen Stewart didn't make an appearance during the Breaking Dawn Paris promos (come on, like we really wanted to see Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene together), we were very pleased with the deets Rob spilled. 

Like, whether he will really ever record an album? And why he's so over London...

But wait, isn't that his GF's current location?!

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It is, indeed, as K.Stew is busy filming Snow White and the Huntsman, and after spending some quality time with his love last week, Rob realized while chatting with TF1 that he might be more suited for L.A.:

"I don't have the same life that I used to. I've learned to like L.A. a lot more...It's almost impossible to live in London. There are so many people in the streets peeking out of everywhere so you have to hide."

Poor Rob! London paps making you mad? We know you and Kristen love your privacy, so does this mean we will be seeing more of the twosome in La La Land?

Hardly, at least until K.Stew is done with her filming oversees. But since the duo are spending so much time apart, is this the time for Rob to work on an album? We know Rob loves his music and he's already recorded two songs for the first movie of the saga:

"I mean, maybe one day...I'm always playing and recording but I don't know. People hate when actors become musicians so I've been avoiding it for the longest possible."

Come on, Robs, you know that's not true! Just because we're not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow making it in the music biz, doesn't mean we wouldn't listen to your tunes. Plus those Twi moms will go crazy over any friggin' thing the hunky hipster sings. 

So, as part one of the end draws near, is Rob feeling blue over his breakup with Edward Cullen?

"I've made some great friends but I don't know how much longer I can play seventeen...I'm almost 26. It gets tricky after a while...I don't think I can see myself doing Twilight after Twilight film for the next twenty years."

Totally Rob. He would never come out and openly diss Twilight (and the dubious writing he has to work with), but the dude does admit to being anxious to work on other projects. 

Like, say, his film Cosmopolis, for which David Cronenberg has made no secret he is incredibly impressed with Rob as an actor, and Rob admits he feels like he's "going in the right direction." 

It's about time Rob had some real material to work with—we're so over this Twilight tumult. And come on, Summit, but where the heck is K.Stew? If Rob can get it up in the flick, can't you use your vampire powers to transport Kris to Rob's side?

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