TV Crush

Having a crush on a TV character is serious business. You fans made that very clear when you flooded the comments section of the Ultimate TV Character Crush nomination post, blew up our Twitters and sent countless emails to ensure your favorite guy and gal get a spot in the competition.

In the first round, we have a slew of male and female TV characters going head-to-head so we can whittle down the list on our journey to crown one guy and one gal as the Ultimate TV Character Crush. And we have to warn you: We're just getting started, and already there are some tough choices …

Below are your top 64, America (said in the Ryan Seacrest Idol voice), so better start picking and choosing your favorite vampires, doctors, glee club members and regular old human beings. Voting for this round will close Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m PST. Good luck to all our handsome men and beautiful women—and the fans who love them so dearly!

Were there any matchups that you found particularly cruel? Which characters do you think are headed for the finals? See you guys later this week for more Ultimate TV Crush compeition!

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