Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Zooey Deschanel, New Girl

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Have you heard? New Girl is pretty amazing. And it comes back one week from today. Holler!

To get you ready, we sat down with the guys who help Zooey Deschanel make New Girl as "adorkable" as it is—Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris—to talk about being on a successful TV show, possible musical episodes (it's happening! sorta), and the Nick/Jess love story. Check it out and try not to love them...

First, we informed them that they got a full-season pickup. Apparently no one told them? After they celebrated (group hug!), we asked them why they thought people loved the show so much.

"I think because we have Zooey Deschanel. And I think she's very likable," Johnson says. "And Liz Meriwether, who created the show and writes the show, is just tapped in and I think she writes in a way that a lot of people can relate to." And then Johnson tried out a new slogan that he came up with, but the other guys weren't as into it. "We like to say: Jess will be Jess. Boys will be boys." Greenfield jumped in to add: "We don't say that."

The show's success might also have something to do with the Nick and Jess storyline, because everyone loves a good will they/won't they. And fans are really itching to see them finally get together. "I think there is something there, I think there is something building," Johnson tells us. "I do think there is something there between the characters but Justin Long has come on for a few episodes playing her new boyfriend, a character named Gunslinger. And Justin Long is as funny as it gets. And Lizzy Caplan is coming on to play my girlfriend for a few episodes. She's amazing."

It also probably doesn't hurt that New Girl to comes after one of the biggest TV shows around, Glee. So of course we had to bring up the stunt that every show seems to be doing: a musical episode. Is it happening? Kind of. "There is a musical episode," Morris reveals. "My character is extremely talented at everything pretty much, so he picks up an instrument, I'm not going to tell you what it is until you watch the episode, but my character is extremely good at it." We're guessing an oboe.

We then told the guys we were thinking more musical numbers and dance sequences, which Greenfield seemed real into. "Yes! We're on the same page," he tells us. "I think we're talking about maybe making it an hour and a half of Glee only that second little half hour is New Girl." And what would the boys sing? Johnson picked "Somebody to Love" by Queen (coincidentally already covered on Glee), while Morris decided on an Eddie Murphy "classic." Greenfield, the sappy man that he is, picked "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel to "tear at the heartstrings of America."

But you know what, we can't just tell you how hilarious and super cool these guys are. It'd be much better to just watch them be that way. Plus they have a message to you guys! So stop what you're doing and click play below, because these New Girl guys are just what you need to make your day more adorkable. And be sure to check back Nov. 1 when finally New Girl returns with new episodes, because we'll have part two with the boys.

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