American Horror Story


Happy birthday, Dylan McDermott.

The ridiculously ripped American Horror Story star turns—get this—50 years old today!

But no matter. McDermott has a bod that can still put the hottest young Hollywood hunks to shame.

Don't believe us? Take it from someone who's been trying to get into his pants for a while now...

"He is gorgeous," American Horror Story's Alex Breckenridge tells us. "That man, I can't deal with it. I'm like, 'Why are you so beautiful?' He's got the most amazing body."

On the FX series, Breckenridge plays young maid Moira who's constantly trying to seduce McDermott's character, Ben Harmon, into having an affair.

"I'm not sure if Moira will ever get in Ben's pants," Brekenridge dished. "The way that the scripts are going I don't know if she's going to get anywhere—as hard as she may try."

As you may know, we've already seen plenty of McDermott's hot naked bod on the spooky series. So will Breckenridge follow in his skin-baring footsteps?

"I could potentially by the end of the series be half-naked," she said. "I feel like they're sort of waiting on that till maybe the last few episodes and then they're gonna be like, 'OK, so today we're showing your ass and the side of your boob.'"

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