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Dear Ted:
I love Emma Stone! She's pretty much the coolest chick in Hollywood. Is she as good as she seems or does she have a Blind Vice?

Dear Vice Free:
Agree, she is a pretty cool chick and she's Vice-free. Surprised? I am. I wonder how long that will be the case? Any guesses?

Dear Ted:
What really happened between Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? Is it true that Lively did the dumping? I'm reading different things everywhere I go, and need your almighty answer. Also, is Blake Lively Carmelita Salami-Climber (the girl does love shoes).

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Dear So Over Leggy Lively:
Whatever really happened between Lively and Leo certainly didn't have either party ailing for long. Leo's already moved onto his next leggy broad and Blake has been spotted with Ryan Reynolds. As for Lively doing the dumping? Doubtful, since rumors swirled Mama DiCaprio didn't approve of the twosome—and you cannot underestimate the importance of that dynamic in Leo's life. And while Blake does indeed love shoes, she's not Carmelita. Not a bad guess, though.

Dear Ted:
What's up with one of my fave B.V.'s Strippa Rip-Ya? Seems to me that another B.V.er whose moniker I have yet to settle on is pursuing Strippa, so I gotta ask—what's up with that? Strippa certainly wouldn't deem to be a beard would she? Is the one whose moniker I have yet to uncover really that desperate for press and why would Strippa "allow" such an obvious use of her bigger spotlight? Doesn't seem she has much to gain. In my eyes he's so B-list to her A status.

Dear Safe Bet:
No, Strippa wouldn't deem to be a beard—ever—but she is looking for someone safe after being in such an abusive relaysh. Don't forget that (very important). Who cares if the dude is B-list or a little less-than-straight? Strippa's only concern is a gentleman who isn't going to hurt her—for now.

 Dear Ted:
Sorry Ted! You were wrong about Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter's breakup not being a PR stunt. I saw them this afternoon in Tampa about two blocks from Derek's mega-crib, all lovey-dovey and having lunch. They even had a puppy with them and were taking turns feeding him at the table. Too bad the stunts didn't help her with Charlie's Angels. They are both very snobby but very attractive.

Dear From Angels to Jeter:
Well, now that the gal is out of an acting gig, she has more time to dedicate to her questionable boy-toy. And the two aren't officially back together, but do seem to be trying to make it work. No surprise, really. Doubt it will at last, but the two are gorgeous together. Let's hope for some hot photos in the meantime. 

Dear Ted:
There seems to be some speculation that Robert Pattinson's star is already on the decline and that he's washed up because he isn't filming back to back to back movies. And because he has missed out on some "pivotal" roles. Maybe the guy just wants some time off. Plus I get the impression he doesn't care particularly if he remains one of the It guys. I like that director David Cronenberg chose him even if he was the second choice for Cosmopolis, a movie that may not make a lot of money when it comes out, but maybe it will show us just what kind of actor Rob can eventually be. Personally I think he's got more talent than his previous movies have shown. Does he just need the right script and director to get that performance out of him, or is he a flash in the pan?

Dear So Beyond Twilight:
We've said it before and we're sticking to it: Rob's got talent for days but Stephenie Meyer's dubious writing gives the dude nothing to work with. And Cronenberg agrees, as he recently said how "profound" an actor Rob is and how thrilled he was to work with him in Cosmopolis. Let's hope it's the right script and the right director to give us a wow-worthy performance. Water for Elephants came close, but the lack of chemistry with Reese Witherspoon made me just yawn. Rob had more heat with the damn pachyderm!

Dear Ted:
You said that Robert Pattinson already had his Blind Vice before he ever became famous. Do you think this is the reason he's remained pretty level headed and sane about fame?

Dear Awesome Hair, Good Head:
Rob's remained grounded because he doesn't give a crap about fame. Dude's dedicated to his craft and truly wants to act, which has kept him sane through all the Twilight mayhem. And it will serve to keep him cool in the years to come, as well.

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