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Can you believe the nerve of these judges on Dancing With the Stars? Getting all judgy with their judgy selves as if they were supposed to be judges or something?!

That's pretty much the prevailing thought from Maksim Chmerkovskiy backstage after tonight, after Maks' received a negative critique and went off on Len Goodman during the live show. We chatted up the cast, and learned that while Maks was sticking by his "opinion," some of his co-stars were busy apologizing to the judges on his behalf...

"Not all of them [share my opinion]," Maks said of his fellow pro dancers on DWTS. "Most of them, yes. But there are a few of them that actually went up to the judges and for some reason went as far as apologizing for me and disagreeing with what I said."

In case you missed it, Len claimed tonight was Hope Solo's "worst dance," and Maks defended his soccer star partner with some choice, heated words, then proposed that maybe it was time for Len to "get out" of the business.

After the show, Hope told us she was "so grateful" to Maks for defending her, Maks said he doesn't regret it.

"She is improving," the Ukraine Bachelor star insisted. "That is the point. I'm extremely proud of her. This is the first time she came out and she did exactly what she planned and there was no stress and no tension and it was a great performance. And I really liked dancing with her tonight. And to get comments that was the opposite of what it was, it wasn't even upsetting, it was more like, ‘I have had enough!' You have an opinion. I also have an opinion...The judges will say, 'Hey, this is show business, this is supposed to be fun.' Well, I had fun tonight."

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So did Maks cross the line, or was he within his rights? We learned backstage his co-stars are split:

"He did go a little too far with it, but it is what it is."—J.R. Martinez

"We danced right after Maks so I just wanted to make sure that the judges made sure that we didn't concur with Maks' opinion...He needs a hug."—Karina Smirnoff

"He spoke his opinion and he should be allowed to do it."—Lacey Schwimmer

"I'm usually harder on myself than the judges."—David Arquette

"Sometimes you do take things personally…I did that one time with Shannon Elizabeth. I went off. And I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I can't ever do that again!' I felt like the judges have been incredibly generous this season so I was surprised."—Derek Hough

What say you?

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