Darrell Hammond

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Comedian Darrell Hammond is sharing some pretty serious stuff.

The former Saturday Night Live star, who impersonated the likes of Donald Trump, Sean Connery and Bill Clinton during 14 seasons on the show, reveals in his upcoming memoir, God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F---ked, that there was absolutely nothing funny going on behind the scenes.

At least, when it came to his personal life...and demons.

"I kept a pint of Remy in my desk at work," he admits in the book, highlighted by the New York Post, of his battle with the bottle. "The drinking calmed my nerves and quieted the disturbing images that sprang into my head...when drinking didn't work, I cut myself."

Hammond recalls how in 1998, it got so bad he once had to be taken out of NBC by police "in a straitjacket" and brought to New York Hospital.

"My wife came but I didn't recognize her," he writes about the incident.

Unfortunately, in 2002, it only got worse from there.

"I'd started adding an obscene amount of cocaine to my binges," he divulges. "I had to be creative about how I did it without other people catching on or letting it interfere with the work. At least too much."

While Hammond did spend some time in rehab, he relapsed in 2009.

"I had the brilliant idea I should try crack," he writes, adding that his new addiction led him to hanging out in crack dens in Harlem.

Hammond, however, recently sought treatment again and is now clean and sober.

His book is scheduled to be released on Nov. 8.

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