Sister Wives


Get ready for the battle of the bulge, polygamy edition.

In tonight's episode of the TLC hit series Sister Wives, Kody Brown's four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, are super-serious about getting healthy so they decide to visit a physical trainer and face the scale. The gang also welcomed a theology teacher into their home to get a firsthand perspective on their lifestyle.

So how did the wives handle their first training session? And what did the teacher think of the Brown clan after hanging with them?

The wives decided it was time to get on the scale and headed to the gym together to meet with Bill, Meri's personal trainer. The four women got weighed in front of each other, much to Janelle's dismay. She weighs the most out of all the wives (271 pounds) and says, "My physical appearance has always been my Achilles' heel." When the pregnant Robyn ends up weighing the least, Meri says, "Kody loves me for me. Kody loves Robyn for Robyn...I know Kody likes my curves." Robyn agrees and reveals Kody has told her in the past that he prefers curvy women.

After a few workouts, Janelle is already feeling more confident and Meri says she has more energy, though she wishes she was seeing results faster. While the wives joke around with Bill, Kody says he expects the trainer to act like a professional and that he trusts his wives.

After their first workout, which Janelle ended up enjoying, Danielle, a theology teacher, went out to dinner with Kody and the wives to get their perspective on faith. After grabbing food from the buffet (with all the wives choosing healthy options), Danielle grills Kody and the wives before asking them to come to her school in Boston to speak with her students. Kody agrees although he is nervous. "If you have an antagonistic crowd, that's a very hard thing to deal with," he says.

Later, Danielle and her husband joined the family to celebrate Meri's daughter Mariah's sixteenth birthday, which also served as a reunion as the five oldest boys were returning from a trip to Wyoming—and to say the rest of the kids were excited to see them walk through the door is a bit of an understatement. Danielle couldn't keep the smile off her face watching the children scream and hug each other and later said, "There was so much love in their home. I do think it makes it hard to cast negative judgment on them as a family."

Still, after seeing 16 kids in action, Danielle said to her husband, "And we thought one kid would be hard!"

What did you think of tonight's episode of Sister Wives? Sound off in the comments!

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