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Bravo's Andy Cohen wears a lot of hats: Housewives executive producer, Watch What Happens Live host, "mazel" man about town, drinking game enabler. But tonight was all about elocution and etiquette as he took Teresa Giudice to task for her bad grammar and gay slurs.

But Teresa wasn't the only one getting schooled on tonight's final Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. We all learned a lot. Joe Gorga needs sex twice a day to be happy. Caroline and Albert Manzo may have a "tryst pad" above the Brownstone. And northern New Jersey has putdowns we've never even heard of, like...

"Go scratch!" (We're still, er, scratching our heads over this Teresa rebuttal.)

Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga denied any rumors of swimming in the lady pond. And her horny hubby has apparently been wearing women's clothes since he was young. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

As for those accusations that Melissa is a copycat? Cousin Kathy Wakile is the voice of reason as she explains, "We're from Northern New Jersey, we're Italian, we live in the same area, we're going to buy the same things." 

So with all this sharing, what went unanswered on tonight's show? 

We still don't know what happened during the taping of season four that kept Jacqueline Laurita from attending the reunion. (Genius plot twist to keep us watching next year. Coincidence?)

And Dina and Caroline's family feud still hasn't been properly explained.

"She claims that I never supported her and Teresa's a big part of it," is all her big sis' would say. "When you get into this world your mind isn't right, you drink the Kool-Aid as they say. The fame can mess with you."

(Anyone else think this may be a ploy to boost ratings for HGTV's show, Dina's Party?)

As for Albert being fired by the governor of New Jersey, we're still trying to figure out how that led to the love-nest-at-the-Brownstone conversation. But talk about a good evasion strategy. Sex always confuses things.

One more mystery? How Teresa managed to write a best seller (or graduate from school, for that matter) when she comes out with lines like, "You were trying to stick a dig to me."

Even Andy seemed to have reached his limit when he corrected the Skinny Italian author as she talked about how she "distant" herself from Kathy and her joke-cracking husband, Rich.

"Are you saying 'distanced,'" asked Andy incredulously?

But that was nothing compared to Andy's reaction at watching Joe Giudice call someone a "f---ot."

"Teresa, it's not right," he scolded. "You gotta know at this point that you can't speak like this."

It was a good point, but it may have gotten lost in the moment as Andy later admitted to viewers had been tweeting all week that he was too tough on Teresa.

So, what do you think? Did Teresa have it coming to her or was Andy out of line for putting her wacky English on display? Weigh in below!

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