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One thing's for sure, Dancing With the Stars knows how to stir up drama on the boob tube. 

And we caught up with a gal who's been there for it all—lead singer Beverly Staunton. She's sung on the hit show throughout each of its twelve seasons, and she just released her own country-pop album. Very real stuff.

So, we asked Bev to get real on what Chaz Bono's really like, and would the sex of Carson Kressley's dancing partner have made a difference on his recent boot?

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First off, let's talk Chaz:

"He's the most down-to-Earth person. No drama, and he is truly trying to do the best job he can do," gushes Staunton. 

All together now: aww. And we love that about Chaz, after all, his slot on the show has done wonders to raise awareness, not to mention Cher's mama-bear ire!

Also, it's no secret Chaz's open-book policy has touched loads of viewers. 

Even better? Staunton insists Chaz's "take it or leave it" 'tude is what catapulted him to the top—as Chaz has made it plain he doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks, and obviously viewers respect his confidence. 

And since we know the show loves to push boundaries, does that mean a same-sex couple is in store for next season?

After all, DWTS producers told us they had "thought about" paring Carson with a man.

"You'd think that would be the next step," admits Staunton. So what about our dude, Carson? He recently admitted Maksim Chmerkovskiy was originally his first choice for a partner, so does our girl Beverly think it would have made a difference if there had been a little dude-on-dude dynamic?

"I honestly don't think it would have made a difference," insists Beverly. Which could be taken two ways, we guess.

Regardless, we're really hoping producers take the hint and start with the same-sex couples asap! After all, Kendra thought about pulling a cha-cha with a chica, and how dreamy would Carson and Maksim have been together?

So, what say you Awful readers, are you hoping for a same-sex couple on next season's DWTS? And if so, who should it be?

Sound off, and be sure to check out Beverly's album, Everything Changes—the tunes are just as all-there as the singer!

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