Blake Lively, Beyonce, David Beckham, Alexander Skarsgard,, Getty Images

Curvaceous, long, toned, lean, legs. Is there anything better?

Not on these celebs! Here we are pollin' to see who you think has the best gams in Hollywood.

And the contestants are:

Blake Lively, Beyonce, David Beckham, Alexander Skarsgard

Getty Images

First up we have Mrs. Jay-Z herself.

Beyoncé is known for her fuller figure, at least in Hollywood standards, and her legs are no exception. Beyoncé can shake her bootie like no other and those legs of hers are no stranger to a workout—on and off the stage. And now that she's walking for two they'll only get stronger and more fierce!

They even have a website! Check it out. Now you don't see that every day.

Next up is David Beckham, whose gorgeous hairy extensions make him his money—on the field, that is. His legs have been insured for millions and millions at different times in his much famous football/soccer career. Some reports have had them insured for $195 million, wonder what the deductible is on that!

Blake Lively is known for her killer bod, we hear she might even have an acting career.

We kid! But this girl's legs have been reportedly wrapped around some of Hollywood's most swoon-worthy men and it aint because they're ugly. Just sayin'.

And last, but certainly not least is Alexander Skarsgård. This Swedish hunk is 6'4" and his gams must take up about 5' of him and are every bit as impressive as his abs. Now that's a pretty bold statement on our parts!

So who do you choose? Start clicking and sound off on your fav in the comments!

Awful's Pick Your Part: Legs Poll!
Which star¿s got the greatest gams?
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