'N Sync got back together! Well, just for one night anyway.

I interviewed Justin Timberlake for E! News at the premiere of In Time Thursday evening in Westwood, Calif., and asked about the rumors of a mini-reunion. He confirmed that for the first time in a long time, all five members of 'N Sync hung out together. In fact, it turns out that the guys had not all been in the same room together since 2005.

So what brought the boy band back together? Watch this clip to find out, and check out In Time when it hits theaters Oct. 28.

As I wrote on Twitter when I left the premiere, the film is ambitious, stylized and entertaining. I have to be honest, while I had originally been very intrigued when the project was announced, my interest seemed to wane the more I heard about the production and the more I saw images and trailers from the finished film. However, the end result far exceeded what I had originally hoped for in the first place, and I walked out of the theater pleasantly surprised.

Director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) creates a world where time has replaced money as currency. Once you turn 25, you're on a clock that can be refilled and drained at the shake of someone's hand.  The rich have thousands of years to live, while the poor try and survive day to day.

There are some creative casting choices that end up working nicely. Olivia Wilde plays a 50 year old who is J.T.'s mother, but looks exactly like Olivia Wilde, for example.

The film raises questions of the value we place on material goods vs. actual minutes and seconds. It spotlights the intense lifestyle differences of the upper and lower classes in America. The action and chase scenes are engaging, but not as over the top as you might expect so as not to take you out of believing in the world depicted onscreen.

It's not a perfect movie, I thought it dragged here and there and forced some metaphors and messages down our throats instead of encouraging us to make our own conclusions and comparisons, but overall I think you'll dig it and lose yourself in Timberlake's adventure. Logan's Run with a young Michael York comes to mind while watching In Time.

Timberlake has solid chemistry with Amanda Seyfried, who plays a wealthy banker's (Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser) daughter. Cillian Murphy (Inception) plays a determined "Timekeeper" in close pursuit of Timberlake's character who he thinks has robbed someone of their years.

Overall I'm a fan of In Time and think you will have a fun night at the movies if you go and see it.

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