Michael Jackson Tribute


Over the last couple weeks, covering the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray has been mostly grueling, sometimes depressing, and often tedious. Such is the nature of criminal trials.

But one day recently outside the downtown L.A. courthouse, I spotted a 20-year-old girl singing lines from Michael Jackson hit songs on the sidewalk. She sounded and looked normal (not eccentric like many of the M.J. fans who have been camped outside). Her name was Sunn.

Sunn explained she was singing a song called "King of My Heart" that features lyrics from all of Michael Jackson's No. 1 songs.

Because her manager is Majestik Magnificent, a longtime Jackson family friend, Sunn even got to speak to Michael once on the phone during a recording session.

"Majestik said, ‘Let's call Michael and get some inspiration,'" Sunn told me. "So we called him up and we talked about American Idol and we talked about everything. And he said, ‘What you have to do is you have to get some cotton candy, and everything will be just fine.' So that was that and it was awesome. I loved talking to him."

Among the talk of propofol and police interviews and alarming autopsy photos, it's nice to remember that before things in Michael's life went so horribly wrong, he was an inspiration.

See Sunn's music video for "King of My Heart" here.

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