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UPDATE 4 p.m.: Court adjourned for the day and Pastor ordered everyone to report back Monday at 8:45 a.m.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: The defense immediately got to challenging Shafer's conclusions pertaining to Jackson's death, that it was most unlikely he took as much lorazepam as Murray contended and that he most certainly did not give himself propofol. "That's a bold claim, isn't it?" Chernoff questioned him. "That's what I think happened," Shafer responded. "Everything you've said is an opinion," Chernoff said, to which Shafer replied, slamming Murray, "It might be the position that I have as a physician. To say that one should not lie to UCLA Medical Center is my opinion."

Noting that he purchased the propofol and equipment that was used in yesterday's demo, Shafer quipped, "I hope to be reimbursed."

UPDATE 1 p.m.: Before testimony began today, Pastor admonished White for yesterday's outburst, giving him a "clear and unequivocal order" prohibiting him from discussing his thoughts on counsel or any witnesses with the media. Pastor read White's remarks to E! News back to him and White admitted that he made the published comments. White said he could not remember whether he used the word "scumbag" inside the courtroom, however. A hearing has been set for Nov. 16 to determine whether White's behavior amounts to contempt of court.


Well, that was exciting!

We mean the abrupt end to yesterday's testimony from anesthesiologist Steven Shafer, who's been on the stand testifying for several days for the prosecution. Toward the end of the afternoon, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren presented Shafer with an infusion machine and asked him to demonstrate how Dr. Conrad Murray most likely set up a propofol drip for Michael Jackson.

The demo had a rough effect on the defendant, who whispered loudly to his friend and potential defense witness Dr. Paul White, "Can you believe that?" And White turned to the media present and said, "What a scumbag" as L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor summoned counsel into a meeting, called for a break and ultimately adjourned for the day.

Who's the "scumbag"? It's unclear exactly who White was referring to, but later he told E! News that he found Walgren's evidence presentation "unethical" and that his view of Shafer was forever changed. So it's anybody's guess!

In the meantime, the defense has yet to begin its cross-examination of Shafer, so there's pretty much no way Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan will be kicking off their case until next week.

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