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Sharpen your pitchforks and light up those torches!

The "other woman" (boooo!) Cassandra (Helena Mattsson) makes her debut on the CW's cult favorite Nikita tonight. And rumor has it that some of you fans sorta have a slight interest in keeping the pairing of Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) in tact. (Yes, we receive your daily emails. And like them.)

So how much damage will this "woman from the past" do? And why is Shane talking about marriage and babies for Michael and Nikita?

While this blast from the past isn't someone Michael plans to run away with, Shane tells us she does send a shockwave through his relationship with Nikita. "It is not anything that Michael can just let go and it's not anything that Nikita can let go. But this is something that happened in the past that he is going to have to deal with for the rest of his life." West explains, "He has to deal with the issues that she has brought back and she has had two episodes so far and each episode is the polar opposite from each other so there are just more and more problems every time she appears." Our money is on baby or duplicity. Or baby and duplicity.

So will Cassandra cause an irreparable Nikita and Michael rift? West tells us: "I can say we've already had a split, but we're still talking to each other in those episodes but they are already bringing us back together…I think the fans can relax to an extent." See, it's not all bad news.

And if Cassandra wasn't around? What would happen? You might hate/love Shane's answer: "Then we [would] have found all of the black boxes and taken out all of the guardians by the end of season two and then we get married and pop us out five babies." Squee! OK, he might be joking about the fast pace of the show but it does make our hearts beat a little faster. You know, um, for you "Mikita" fans. Nothing to see here!

West also would like to see Michael take a stand in Division: "Michael can become that guy, become that leader and hopefully not become corrupt. These are all things that I would love to do as an actor for special performances as well as thinking that they would still keep the integrity of Michael's character."

Do you think Michael and Nikita have what it takes to stand the test of time and past relationships? Are you excited or dreading this upcoming storyline? Hug it out in the comments! 

Nikita airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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