David Arquette, Coco Arquette

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David Arquette may now be one of the highest-scoring celebs on this season of Dancing With the Stars, but that doesn't mean daughter Coco is hitting him up for lessons.

In fact, Arquette says the 7-year-old is downright embarrassed whenever he tries to bust a move around her...

"She doesn't like me dancing at home," Arquette recently told us at the Circle of Care Foundation's Ultimate Trunk Show event in Beverly Hills. "She'll accept it on the show because it's sort of a professional place but outside of the show I usually embarrass her when I dance."

He added, "But I always tell her, 'It's my job to embarrass you. I'm your parent.' My parents embarrassed me. It's part of the cycle."

Funny enough, Arquette has one particular place in mind for the mirror-ball trophy if he wins this season of the reality competition show. "Probably in Coco's room," he laughed.

The following night, Arquette was one of the many Dancing With the Stars peeps who hit the Beverly Hills Hotel for GLSEN's Respect Awards, where fellow competitor Chaz Bono was honored with the Hero Award.

Bono told us that he has no plans to continue dancing once the show is over. He will, however, be hitting the gym harder and more frequently. "My stamina has increased significantly," he said. "I'm a big boxing fan and love boxing—for fun, not as a career!—but it was too hard for me before. Now, I can probably go back to the gym and get into that."

Nancy Grace will continue dancing, but she'll make it a family affair. "I'm going to have to get my husband to sign up for dance classes because he has two left feet," she said. "I haven't tried to teach him because I'm still learning myself. I'm going to make him go to a pro."

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