After having sexy time on the big screen and reassuring us that "it's OK if it's a three-way" on Saturday Night Live, Justin Timberlake is back to give us some more musical beats for our ears.

He gave us a hint of it in August, when he was featured in the "Hoodies On, Hats Low" video for  FreeSol, a progressive hip-hop, rock, and soul band from Memphis that's signed to his label. Now, we get another!

The star tweeted, "AND NOW... Part Two. Enjoy and pass it along. ."

J.T. made a musical appearance in the group's latest video "Role Model," where he's that "white boy" shootin' flows. And Timberlake has come a long way from the 'N Sync days, because he actually curses!

Say what?! For real.

"Maybe you're right, maybe I'm an asshole/ Oops, did I take it too far? Super bowl..." just to give you a taste. He even says the F-word. Shocking, we know.

But overall, we think the former boy band member is holdin' his own.

Watch the video and tell us for yourselves.

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