Giuliana Rancic's Hubby Bill on Her Cancer Recovery: "She Will Come Back Stronger and Better"

Bill Rancic tells E! News he wishes he could "trade places" with his wife because she's been through so much, but "she's a fighter"

By Natalie Finn Oct 20, 2011 9:38 PMTags

Giuliana Rancic's husband believes that her battle against breast cancer will only make her stronger.

While Bill Rancic, a tried-and-true problem solver (he's got The Apprentice title to prove it), says he wishes he could "trade places" with his wife after all she's been through.

"She's been through so much with the IVF, the miscarriage and now this," he tells E! News. "But she's a fighter and will come back stronger and better than before."

Then it's a good thing Giuliana has Bill around to make sure she's recuperating!

"She is on bed rest," Bill confirms when we asked if the famously on-the-go E! News coanchor is really resting.

He did have to confiscate the BlackBerry, though.

Giliuana, who underwent a double lumpectomy and had some lymph nodes removed for biopsy, should be getting her test results Friday, Bill says. She expects to start radiation treatment in about a month "after she heals and has her strength back."

As for this month, she plans to take a week off from work—but that's it!

"Make sure her spot is open!" Bill joked, referring to Ryan Seacrest's crack that he was going to use Giuliana's parking space while she was gone.

While supportive words and calls from friends and family have been nonstop, Bill says that she's also gotten a number of tweets from fans saying they're going right out to get mammograms.

Giuliana, who revealed that she hadn't even wanted the mammogram that revealed the cancer, has said that she hopes she can impress upon her largely female audience the importance of preventative care.

In the meantime, Bill is content playing nurse, calling himself a regular "Greg Focker," a nod to Ben Stiller's put-upon nurse in Meet the Parents.

Maybe next week, he says, he'll "pass the baton" to Ryan, and "he can be Greg Focker."