Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story

Ray Mickshaw / FX

You all are watching American Horror Story, yes? If not, you simply must (or at the very least, check out Watch With Kristin's redux).

Because the horror-chic show is, in our opinion, the most water cooler worthy show this season. If only to pick out the most shocking moment each week—and trust, there's a bizarro bunch to choose from.

Like this week's:

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It would have been easy to pick either of the serial killer showdown contenders as this week's most amazingly effed up plot line.

There was True Blood psycho turned AHS psycho Dennis O'Hara giddily smacking baby mama Hayden with a shovel. And epically wicked Jessica Lange shooting her no good hubby and her (at the time) muy pitiable maid.

(As for the latter broad, her biggest shocker yet came when we wondered last week if the hunky shirtless guy in her boudoir might be her...um...son. Ick!)

No, the biggest shocking moment of the week was:

All those dead babies.

Yes, we got an answer as to where the babies in jars came from. The original homeowner was a cuckoo crazy surgeon slash mad scientist who started performing abortions on the sly (and creating frankenpigs in the basement, but let's save all that for another day).

Back to the abortion biz: We'll buy it, but we're just going to skate over the fact that he...kept the fetuses? As souvenirs?!

And worse, no one in the 80 or so years after he bounced from the infamous Murder Home thought maybe it would be a good idea to let the police know about all the bottles of pickled humans sitting in the cellar?

Was everybody just like: "Hey, hubby, throw that kinky latex costume in the attic away but just leave the baby bottles, uh, I mean bottles of babies in the basement."

Which moment had your skin crawling the most?

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